Saturday, January 31

Laying tile

We have ceramic tile throughout our condo. A few months ago I noticed that some of the tiles were starting to pop up. So, I've been removing tiles for a few weeks and preparing the floor to insert new ones.

Today was the day. I laid 24 new tiles -- and it only required three trips to Home Depot. That's because I'd never done it before and I kept running out of adhesive. Next time I'll have it more under control.

There is a problem with having learned how to do this, though. Not only am I noticing my own imprecision and tile errors but now my eyes are trained to see it everywhere else I go, too. There has got to be a sermon illustration in there somewhere.

I'm planning to put in the grout sometime on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brad,

I'm Jim Chen fr. Guam, currently living in Seattle. I've done a few tiling projects. I'd like to offer up some nuggets of info if you'd like. Re: grouting, wet grout is better than dry. It dries nicer, doesn't look as crumbly or grainy. It helps to wear gloves, grout can irritate your skin. Be careful to clean excess grout right away, because if you leave it, it will leave a film on the tile that is very hard to remove. And lastly, if you want use a toothbrush to "sand down" the grout so it looks even between the joints, then use a grout sealer. It will make the grout last much longer. Thanks for reading!


Brad Boydston said...

Thanks, Jim. This is very helpful. I would not have thought of using gloves -- probably not the tooth brush -- at least right off.