Monday, April 6

No religion? No problem

I'll add my "amen" to what Michael Spencer, the iMonk, is saying here:
The ARIS study (see link in the post or this link at USA Today) says that those with “no religion” have doubled in less than 20 years; growing by almost 10% a decade. Look at America in 2050 if that growth rate continues at even half that speed: a third of the country will be “godless.”

If evangelicals and other Christians had their heads about them, they would welcome this development. No religion beats meaningless adherence to religion every time. I see this every day. I work with dozens of students with a cultural adherence to a particular “Christian” religion. They overwhelmingly know almost nothing of Jesus, nothing of the Bible, nothing but a collection of cultural traditions, legends and superstitions about Christianity, but they consider themselves Christians.

When it comes to my job as a Christian communicator, give me the students who are “non-religious” over sorting through cultural adherence and dead superstition. ~ link
As a neighbor the non-religious are generally easier to be around than the civilly religious. As an evangelist I feel like I have a better shot at sharing the gospel with a non-religious person who uses their brain than someone who mindlessly thinks they're Christian because they do a few Christian things.

I don't think atheism makes any sense whatsoever. But I'm sure they're saying similar things of Christianity -- especially if they think that Christianity is mostly a matter of doing a few Christian things.
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