Tuesday, April 7


Why goofing off on the job actually improves productivity ~ link

We will again be using Cheryl's song Seven Words from the Cross as the framework for the Tenebrae/Good Friday service at LCG, 7 p.m. ~ link to the music

"Christianity in China is booming. With 100 million believers, far more than the 74 million-member communist party, Jesus is a force to be reckoned with in the People’s Republic..." ~ link (thx)

"WWJD? Vote BNP" Okey dokey, mate -- you can think that. ~ link

GM and Segway are hooking up to produce something they're calling the "PUMA" (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility), a new type of two-wheeled battery-powered vehicle "designed to move easily through congested urban streets...utilizing wireless technology to avoid traffic backups and navigate cities." It sounds great but most people will have a hard time taking GM seriously (not to mention Segway, which produces an over-priced novelty scooter). This is the kind of stuff the automakers have been promising since we were all kids but never had the leadership or guts to actually introduce into the market. It may be too little -- too late for GM. They've shot their wad. ~ link

An alert customer found a credit card skimmer device placed around the regular card reader at his WaMu ATM. The device reads and records credit card information for thieves as the card passes through and into the regular-authorized card reader. ~ link (thx)

Wess Daniels has established a wiki list of Fuller Seminary connected bloggers. Add yourself if this applies to you. ~ link

The cost of goods and services on Guam rose nearly 5% from last year. Food is up 13%. Electricity is up 19%. Prescription drugs are up 21%. Auto fuel is 30% lower than last year. ~ link

This link is for you Filipinos who are trying to figure out why your Tagalog Bible translation sounds like it is more rooted in English than Greek or Hebrew -- and anyone else interested in a very quick lesson in Bible translation. ~ link

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