Saturday, May 16

Female church planters in the Covenant?

Anne Jackson is asking if anyone knows of women church planters? ~ link

In the Evangelical Covenant Church our collective understanding of scripture is that both women and men are gifted to serve the church as pastoral leaders and that there are no biblical obstacles to calling a woman to serve as a pastor. While there are some individuals with other opinions this is our collective understanding as an extended family of churches. ~ link

It should come as no surprise, then, that we have at least some women serving as church planters. So, I've started a list (in no particular order). I'm sure there are more. Who should I add?

Ellen An pastors the Chinese Neighborhood Covenant Church in Rosemead, California

Camille Russell Wooden pastors Abundant Life Covenant Bible Church in Pasadena, California

The late Marie Wiebe pastored a new church in Camarillo, California before her stroke

Win Jackson-Houwen pastors Life House Covenant Church in Longmont, Colorado

Sharon Gradin (now retired) pastored Iglesia Latinoamericana, in Bellevue, Washington

Tamara Buchan pastors Missio Lux Covenant Church, in Sammamish, Washington

Jocelyn Carita Thornton pastors Emmanuel Covenant Church in Orland Park, Illinois

Jan Bros pastors Abbey Way Covenant Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gricel Medina pastors Rain Covenant Church in Carrolton, Texas

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Matt Nightingale said...

Rev. Gricel Medina is planting Rain Covenant Church in Carrolton, TX (Dallas area). She's a wonderful woman and pastor.