Sunday, May 17


The TRACS visitors are at PIBC this week. After the great BBQ Hiob cooked up tonight we should have no trouble getting a reaffirmation of our accreditation.
IKEA is doing more to unify Europe than the EU. ~ link

For most of us in the West the economic downturn is mostly a major hassle. It is devastating for many East Asian migrant workers because there were so few local opportunities. ~ link

Since I'm not much of a coffee drinker I couldn't say much about the coffee. However, the two ham sandwiches I've had at I.P. Coffee (down the street from UOG) have been great. And, of course, the name of the restaurant makes me laugh. ~ link

The graduation gowns arrived this morning. Graduation was last Tuesday. I suspect they were delayed because the company mailed them without a customs form. Most people don't realize that you have to use a customs form to send things to Guam from the US -- even though Guam is a US territory. Go figure.

The bank teller looked at me like I was a martian when I asked for a roll of dollar coins this morning. Apparently the promo department at the US Mint has been slacking. I'll try another bank tomorrow.

We gave away our last set of bookcases today. The condo is filled with boxes. We don't yet have a moving date but the sale still seems to be on track to close in early to mid-June.

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Brad said...

I love using Dollar coins, and got tired of that Martian look at the bank. The mint will sell you a box of 10 rolls directly, and they pay the shipping cost. Look for "$1 Coin Direct Ship" on the products page.