Monday, July 20


¡Feliz día del amigo!

• The Pacific island state of Tuvalu says that it is planning to be utilizing all renewable energy by 2020 -- an example for the world. ~ link

• Just got some new glasses. It might take a little time to adjust.

I'm bummed about missing the Liberation Day parade on Guam this year. Hafa adai to everyone on island.

Just found out that we didn't get the HUD home we bid on. We are, however, in the #3 backup spot. That's okay. This house is #3 on our list. #1 seems to be a non-option at this point but we bid fairly high on our #2 choice -- which we're still waiting to hear on.

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Farnsworth Forum said...

It was a beautiful day for the parade. No rain and a delightful breeze. We missed you, too.