Tuesday, July 21


• I noticed a letter carrier today with the USPS logo tattooed on the calf of his leg. Talk about company loyalty!

• Since returning to the States I've noted a growing number of church buildings flying the American flag out front. This suggests:
a. churches are increasingly thinking of themselves as fire stations or schools
b. somebody must be questioning the patriotism of the churches
c. they've continued to drift theologically into a form of syncretism and civil religion

LDS stake houses seem to be leading the flag flying revival. A growing number are sprouting flag poles. This is especially interesting given the historical tension that the Mormons have had with the US government.

• I've also noticed many more people have taken to memorializing their friends and relatives by adopting a section of highway for clean-up and posting their beloved's name on the roadside.

Blame the missionaries? ~ link

If I were the Protestant Pope I'd mandate that all CCM artists (the people who sing on KLOVE) have theological and biblical training before they are allowed to do their first recording. Furthermore, I'd require the same of all local church musicians -- especially in churches which utilize a "worship leader" who chooses music and then stands up front and makes statements about God and his people.

Crocs on the brink... Quick growing trees are the most fragile. ~ link

International travel to the US is up. ~ link

Klyne Snodgrass (always worth reading) has stepped up his blogging. ~ link


Linda said...

I vote Brad Boydston for Protestant Pope!

Ann said...

Did you know Eddie Gibbs @ Fuller SIS? I recall him saying how much he wanted Fuller to host a musicians' festival to develop good, theologically-sound sacred music! From your blog to God's ear (and, sorry, his ear isn't only accessible to papal mouths! ;-)