Wednesday, October 21

Daily Texts -- 2010

The 2010 edition of the Moravian Daily Texts, published by Mount Carmel Ministries, is now for sale online. This is the devotional guide that I've used for years and which I teach my spiritual formation students to use. When all editions are taken into consideration this is the most widely used devotional book in the world.Daily Texts 2010

The Moravian Churchwhich has been selecting the texts and publishing them continuously since 1731, also publishes several versions. However, I use the Mount Carmel Ministries version -- not only because I like the layout but also because of the additional resources. They've developed the T.R.I.P. method of prayer, which I teach to my students. And they've included Martin Luther's Small Catechism in the back of the pocket-sized book.

Here is a bit of the history of the Daily Text (or Loosung in German).

They cost $8.95 plus shipping. But if you order 2-9 copies they are $6.95 each. (Same price as last year.) There are additional price breaks when you order more.

One thing has changed from last year. The free Daily Text website is a lot easier on the eye and that makes a daily online visit to read the text a lot more inviting -- for those who prefer that option.

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