Friday, October 2

Getting into AT&T wi-fi through Boingo

Since I'm currently operating without an office I've been trying to hang out a little more in the local social hubs -- McDonald's, Starbucks... It's a good way to meet people.

I've been using Boingo to access the internet at some of these places but was having trouble accessing through the AT&T connections at Starbucks. (I can't get the Boingo software to make an automatic connection so I just do it manually.) Through Google searches I see that others have had the same problem. But I'm not seeing anyone listing a solution.

Here is what I discovered, if given a choice of providers and Boingo isn't listed, choose "other" and use your regular Boingo user name with a "boingo/" in front of it. So it should be boingo/yourboingouserid . See if that works for you.

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