Thursday, October 22


• I'm gung ho about the possibility have bringing Luis Palau to Phoenix in 2011. Find out more.

• A UN human rights expert is saying that the food shortage in North Korea is again at the 'desperate' level. The government calls the report erroneous and political in nature. Which observer has the most credibility?

• We had a nice drive back from Las Vegas to Phoenix. This time we drove over the London Bridge -- a novel but not so life-changing experience.

My brief meeting in Vegas was with Wayne Carlson, church planting director for the Pacific Southwest Conference and Peter Sung, the new director of church planting for the Covenant. It was good.

I think I'm losing my voice. First time in years. It could be that I was shouting in the casino -- but more likely it's allergies.

The reports regarding the death of California appear to be greatly exaggerated. We drove through the desert outside of Needles, California this afternoon and can confirm that the state is still there -- although -- the CHP was nowhere in sight.

The garbage collector only got half the can emptied today. He squeezes it so hard with the mechanical arms that extends from the truck that the plastic sides of the can collapse and it wedges the debris inside. Then it won't come out when he turns the can upside down over the truck. I've watched him to it so I'm sure that's what's happening. I suppose we could use tiny zip-lock sandwich bags for the garbage instead of the can liners which we tie and toss into the bin. I better stop before I get too snarky.

Another smuggling tunnel has been discovered in Nogales.

I've been to Nogales -- both sides of the border -- and it's not that big of a place. There can't be room for too many more of those things down there.

• Joe Arpaio for governor? No, thank you. ~ link

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