Thursday, January 14


TRIALS begin for simple eye test to detect Alzheimer's disease ~ link

SPOKANE area couple trying to pay for their wedding by collecting 400,000 aluminum cans. ~ link

AN ASU PhD student who was volunteering in Haiti lost her foot when collapsing rubble crushed it. ~ link

OVER 100 Christian teens have been arrested in Egypt. Apparently the government is trying to pressure the church into playing down last week's fatal shooting of seven Christians by Muslim extremists. The arrests, however, only draw more attention to the problem in Egypt. ~ link

CASH strapped Arizona just sold off the State Capitol and 12+ other buildings -- netting $735 million. The state is now leasing, and will eventually buy back, those buildings. It's not as extreme as it sounds -- just a gimmicky way to borrow money -- not so different from the kind of creative thinking that created the current mess. But frankly, at this point, I'm not sure that there is a better way. Other potential solutions, from raising taxes to shutting parts of the government have longer term negative impacts on the state. ~ link

SECURE your luggage when flying by packing a starter pistol. ~ link

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Rick said...

THere are only 3 ways to deal with insufficient income, be it personal, business or government: spend less, increase income, or sell off assets. And if increase income is the path chosen, history demonstrates that decreasing taxes is how to do it.