Thursday, January 14

Wisdom to say nothing

DILEMMA: If we respond to every loony on talk-radio, TV, or in cyberspace we're only feeding the trolls, wasting precious time and energy, and are perhaps feeding our own egos. But if we don't respond it appears that we are indifferent (or even supportive!) of them and their ideas. Wisdom is the ability to know when and how often to say something -- or nothing.


Beth B said...

Very Aristotelian of you, Brad! ; ) I want to link to this on Facebook, but right now wisdom is the ability to know that if I do, I will be taken wrong by people who took me wrong the last time I linked to messages from you and Dan. Sigh.

So, if I don't want to feed the trolls, I probably shouldn't link. But maybe there are times that even trolls need nourishment? ; )

Ann said...

Good words, Brad. I wonder, though, Beth, how much we should continue to speak truth despite the people who, because of their own hearts' condition or immaturity, take our words wrongly? Should we be silent for fear of being misunderstood? Or, as Brad offered, how often should we speak the truth, and when should we be silent?
May we hear the Spirit of God as we speak, or not!

xuefen said...

A Chinese idiom says "Win voiced silently." I believe it. However, most of time I still cannot do it for I am foolish, not wise.