Monday, February 1


"DNA TESTING on 2,000-year-old bones in Italy reveal East Asian ancestry" ~ link

THE NEW MIDDLE-CLASS face of homelessness in America ~ link

PHOENIX WILL LIKELY start taxing food sales (@ 2%). I don't mind paying taxes, and a food tax wouldn't hurt me, but I'd rather see something other than food taxed. When food gets taxed the poor are affected more than the rest of us. ~ link

IF THE STATE continues to close down the DMVs does that mean they don't really expect people to have driver's licenses or to register their cars? At what point does the legislative mandate to do such things become unenforceable? Are cuts in highly visible state services such as parks and DMVs designed to strategically garner public support for legislative solutions to the budget problems? Just asking. I haven't figured this place out, yet. ~ link

ANCIENT CITRUS TYPES still found in the Inland Empire of California -- Mediterranean Sweets, sour oranges, and Duncan grapefruit brought to California by the Mission fathers. ~ link

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