Tuesday, February 2


THE ARIZONA GROUNDHOG was so busy sunning himself out by the pool that he forgot to check for his shadow -- not that he could actually see it through his Ray Bans.

rainbow pancakesRAINBOW PANCAKES -- at least somebody gets it! ~ link (via)

NEW TAX ON FOOD sales starting April 1st -- no foolin' ~ link

"A CHURCH IS planning to open and run a ten-pin bowling alley to help bring jobs to its local community." ~ link

THE REAL REASON GOD MADE TOBACCO -- "A new therapeutic made from tobacco plants has been shown to arrest West Nile virus infection, according to a new study by Arizona State University scientist Qiang Chen and his colleagues." ~ link

THE SOCIETY FOR BIBLICAL LITERATURE publishes a monthly e-letter for those who teach Bible in high schools. ~ link


THE NY TIMES dynamic chart of the 2011 Obama budget is incredible ~ link

TIM STAFFORD'S reporting from Haiti is insightful and sensitive (he's back in the US now). He has has the ability to quickly get to the heart of matters. ~ link

"MASS GRAVES may have lasting spiritual impact in Haiti" -- the burden of Animism ~ link

SOMEBODY ROBBED the bank down the street yesterday morning. ~ link

IF I WERE starting a radio ministry aimed at Christians in North Korea I'd not try to keep it a secret -- but I wouldn't send out a press release, either. Low profile vehicles get less wind resistance and thus better mileage in face-sensitive cultures. ~ link

JOB SEEKERS aren't as willing to relocate. Perhaps it has to do with the real estate market ("I'm so far under I can't afford to sell my house and go elsewhere."). Perhaps there is less sense of security in new jobs ("What if I move across the country and the new company does a round of layoffs? Then what?") ~ link

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