Friday, April 30


✽ "The US Foreign Service Institute teaches foreign languages to government diplomats and personnel for duties abroad—and its courses are available online, for free. Which means you can access audio, texts, and tests in 41 different languages.Pepsi dream machine" English is not available. ~ link

Pepsi is experimenting with bottle/can recycling machines. They are trying hard to become our favored green company. ~ link (via)

Ergun Caner, the former Muslim who became president of Liberty University, is under fire, accused of fabricating his jihadist background. Strange. I'd really like to hear his side of the story before coming to any conclusions. Still, very strange. ~ link (via)

Periwinkle is apparently an effective screening tool for the citrus greening disease. ~ link

✽ "Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is expected to announce Monday if he'll run for Arizona governor." Well, at least it would get him out of the sheriff's office. And it would add a lot more flare and drama to the governor's office (since Arizona politics is currently soooo boring). ~ link

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