Friday, April 30

Today's immigration drama

The Phoenix chief of police doesn't like the new immigration law but says he will enforce it, unless legal challenges block it. "It provides a tool to divert our officers from investigating property crimes and violent crimes and divert these resources, our personnel, to enforcing civil portions of federal immigration law.." ~ link

"What is the REAL cost of illegal immigration in Arizona?" A University of Arizona study says we're netting off their presence. State Treasurer Dean Martin says we're losing money. ~ link

Not all Hispanics are aghast at Arizona's new immigration law. Some seem to be strongly in favor of it. There is danger in assuming that there is an Hispanic opinion. Likewise, there is danger in assuming that the most vocal people are most representative. ~ link

The deputy shot in the desert by drug smugglers this afternoon is apparently okay. Helicopter video of his rescue. ~ link

Even though I think the new law muddies things and will create more problems than it solves, I can certainly understand the sentiment behind it all. I have a hard-time demonizing those who think otherwise. I may believe that they don't know what they're doing and that some of them are too into political grandstanding -- but they aren't hateful people.

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