Wednesday, May 5


"The best commercial ever made..." ~ link (via)

¡Viva Los Soles!

1% of the world's fuel consumption could be saved just by using a ship hull design that is modeled on the water fern. ~ link

Phoenix is ranked as the #2 city for recent college graduates. ~ link

“Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.” ~ Alan Perlis

Reality check -- Berkeley students should be smart enough to know that the politicians who put together Arizona's half-baked immigration law could care less if they are having a hunger strike or if the University of California administration issues a statement. ~ link

The problem with Arizona is that we try to solve every problem by making a new law. Pretty soon we'll be as entangled as the California legal system. ~ link

Google Chrome is still picking up speed. ~ link

Chinese electric automaker BYD is going to build its North American headquarters in Los Angeles. ~ link

✽ Rule of thumb: Never borrow money to buy things which go down in value. ~ link

Iowa and Texas are leading the US in wind power development. ~ link

✽ During my first visit to the new Common English Translation website I noticed what the CET does with Genesis 1:1. It's pretty bold considering how attached we are to "In the beginning...". I wonder what they're going to do with John 1:1. ~ link

✽ The US Air Force is starting to launch the next generation of GPS satellites -- accuracy to 3 feet. Does this mean that eventually the TomTom will actually know which lane I'm in? ~ link
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