Thursday, May 6


Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica is going to use wind power to operate 348 stores. ~ link

✽ Coming: group video chat on Skype -- but it will cost you. ~ link

✽ Headline news in Phoenix -- Police have arrested a 19-year-old for felony graffiting. I guess arrests for this ubiquitous (and annoying) crime must be pretty uncommon. ~ link

George Fox's "green MDiv" -- My, aren't we getting specialized. ~ link

✽ The lines between urban, suburban, and rural in the US continue to blur -- "Poverty is encroaching on suburban enclaves -- even the most affluent of them. Many are ill-equipped to meet the new social-service needs..." ~ link

Comedy Central is now going after Jesus. We probably just need to turn the other cheek on this one. "But Jesus was silent and made no reply..." (Mark 14;61) ~ link

Cyberschools: An Education Renaissance (2010 Edition) by Glenn Jones is available as a free download. ~ link

House churches in Gilbert, Arizona can relax. You're no longer illegal aliens. ~ link

✽ Geek Alert: day 2 of running Google Chrome beta -- only 1 Gears crash so far -- still smokin' fast... ~ link

The huge mulch fire in Laveen appears to be out. It was still smoking until late this afternoon. This means that the students at Betty Fairfax High School will need to report for school tomorrow. And it means we can all open our windows again.
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