Friday, May 14


Great video highlighting the creative arts side of NewSong Church in Irvine, California. ~ link

✽ We went to see Alex Johnson, one of our MasterPiece teens, in "Caught in the Act." It was performed by the high schoolers at 91st Psalm Christian School. It is a really tiny school so I suspect that every high schooler in the student body had a part. Some of the high school drama that I've seen over the years has been pretty so-so. But this was quite delightful and fun to watch.

✽ I'm really proud of our good friend (and my former intern) Linda Hamill, who was ordained as a Minister of the Word for service in the Uniting Church in Australia. I'm sad that we couldn't be there. She and her husband, Mal, live in Roma, Queensland and serve several rural congregations. That a girl from rural South Dakota ends up ordained in the UCA is testimony to the fact that God is still full of surprises.

For those trying to understand why people are annoyed with Facebook right now, Ed Stetzer's story illustrates the issue. Many of us who don't need a major privacy wall will perhaps decide that it doesn't really matter -- at least, yet. But there is a trend. I did up my privacy control the other day after I found certain vendors where displaying posts from some of the people on my friend list when I visited their webpages. I've never been all that keen about FB -- but there are so many friends there -- people with whom I want to stay connected.
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