Wednesday, July 14


T25 T25 -- 74 mpg, $9,000, available in two years ~ link

An Arizona woman has died from West Nile virus. The virus is carried by mosquitoes. ~ ABC15

Tea Party spokesman: "NAACP is racist." Of course, the NAACP passed a resolution calling on the Tea Party to repudiate its "racist elements". Well -- that was fruitful discourse... ~ link | link

Here's news -- the police union is irked by the Phoenix chief's position. Of course, they're "irked." That is a part of their DNA. If they were not irked they wouldn't have a reason to exist. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

The Pacific Islands University website has a new and improved look. ~ link

Jon Stewart goes after Fox logic. CNN doesn't come out looking so sharp, either. (via)

Wish You Weren't Here
I just learned that Harrison Ford and I were born in the same hospital. Wow, I feel so validated by such an insignificant tidbit of trivia. ~ link

Tweeting isn't a crime -- except in Venezuela. ~ link

All Daves eat free at Famous Dave's on August 1st. ~ link

"All Swedish soldiers will in future be liable to be sent abroad on missions against their will. Any soldiers who refuse could lose their jobs, according to SVT." In the past soldiers could choose what they wanted to do? Interesting. ~ The Local

Finally, a US domestic automaker, Ford, is top dog in J.D. Power's initial vehicle reliability survey. ~ link

Profile of the Micronesian population living in the US ~ link

Life on Guam 101 ~ PDN

South Korea is deploying robots to patrol the the DMZ ~ engadget

Are computers an educational asset -- in more than theory?
...Economists are trying to measure a home computer’s educational impact on schoolchildren in low-income households. Taking widely varying routes, they are arriving at similar conclusions: little or no educational benefit is found. Worse, computers seem to have further separated children in low-income households, whose test scores often decline after the machine arrives, from their more privileged counterparts. ~ NY Times
With or without a home computer, the real advantage is gained with parental input.
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