Sunday, August 1


Great sermon on mission from Alfred Olwa of Uganda, speaking in Australia earlier this year. ~ link (via)

I love name tags. I know, I know... name tagSome people loathe them. Actually, it took awhile before I got over the contrived nature of stick-ons. But I eventually figured out that they flatten the landscape for visitors and strangers. The tags help them learn names more quickly and easily. When you know and recognize a few names you feel more like you belong. They are a courtesy -- an act of kindness -- hospitality.

There are going to be a lot of people looking for purpose in their lives when President Obama eventually leaves office. Talk about obsession! ~ link

The 20 billionth tweet was sent at 1544 GMT Saturday by Tokyo graphic designer @GGGGGGo_Lets_Go. ~ BBC

93% of the world is not on Facebook. ~ link

The economic recovery in the US has stalled out. ~ NY Times

With the economy in the US sucking so hard for air and major cut-backs in education, many American teachers are taking advantage of the teaching opportunities abroad. ~ AZ Republic

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