Monday, August 2


It was 60 years ago yesterday that the administration of the territory of Guam was transfered from the US Navy to the US Deptartment of Interior. Isn't it time for self-determination? ~ link

The Artemis North Atlantic Rowing Challenge crew set off from New York on 17 June to break a transatlantic record that had stood for 114 years. They made it in 43 days, 21 hours and 26 minutes. The previous record set in 1896 was 55 days and 13 hours. ~ BBC

"Amid immigration conflict, Arizona's image takes a beating." It seems clear from where I'm sitting that 1070 has created more problems for Arizona than it has solved -- except for the politicians who are actually scoring points with voters through their jousting matches with the state's arch nemesis -- the evil empire headed by Darth Obama. ~ AZ Central

How Arizona made the shift from tolerant and welcoming to paranoid. This is such a different place than the last time I lived here. Hey, it could happen to your state, too. ~ LA Times

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