Wednesday, August 11


Teens exiting church youth groups in mass? ~ USA Today

"Brain works more like internet than 'top down' company" ~ BBC

As it widens its reach, Google is trying to figure out its boundaries. ~ WSJ

It used to be that private sector employees earned more than government sector employees. Now it appears that "federal employees' average compensation has grown to more than double what private-sector workers make." ~ AZ Central

Why Americans don't use dollar coins: "Retailers will not stock the coins because they do not see consumers using them, while consumers will not use the coins because retailers do not stock them." If we are serious about cutting federal spending we'll figure this one out. ~ BBC

"Does Arizona need an image makeover?" Well, yes. We could start by repealing 1070. Then we could close down the Jan and Joe shows. A few choice changes in the fall election would go a long way, too. However, none of that is likely to happen. So, we'll probably hire a PR firm -- and the nation will laugh at us every time they hear the ads on the radio because they can see how desperate we've become. ~ ABC15
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