Thursday, August 12


Roger Olson's solution -- completely separate marriage from civil unions. Government only oversees civil unions. Religious groups only oversee marriages. A couple could choose one or the other -- or both. It's not a new idea but it is worth discussing. ~ link

Pew Research: 21% of American adults say they don’t use the Internet. ~ link

The ELCA lost 90,000 people and 48 congregations last year. ~ link

Only 24% of the US population has positive feelings about the Republican Party. We still haven't recovered from the last president. ~ WSJ

Horticultural Therapy? A little unusual but it makes sense. If I lived in Oregon I might consider doing the program at Portland Community College. ~ link

"Poll: Young Hispanics less likely to be Catholic" ~ USA Today

Stanford replacing textbooks with iPads for medical students. Unfortunately, this will only represent a slight savings in textbook costs since the electronic editions are nearly as expensive as paper and ink editions. ~ link

10% of the delegates to the recent World Communion of Reformed Churches gathering were denied entry into the US. The 73 who were denied entrance were from the "global south" -- Indonesia, India, Kenya, Guyana, Nigeria, the Philippines, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Columbia... Entry into the US has become so rigidly restrictive that it just doesn't make sense to have meetings here anymore. ~ link

The US Census is coming in under budget. They've already returned $1.6 billion, to the treasury. ~ WSJ

Private sector myth:
For years, we've heard the politics-driven nonsense that "private industry can do things more cheaply and efficiently than government." Iraq proved that to be history's biggest lie not told by a half-naked teenager. Contractors can do a few things, such as run chow halls, better than the military -- but few save us any money.

Instead, we've seen the worst war-profiteering orgy in history by "patriotic" corporations packed with hireling retired generals and admirals and gushing campaign contributions. Gates is calling them out.
~ Ralph Peters in the NY Post
The last mile of I-10 through downtown Phoenix was completed 20 years ago this week -- connecting the east and west coasts of the US. ~ ABC 15
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