Friday, August 13


✽ ...but most Americans are probably not interested in amending the 14th Amendment. ~ link

✽ ...but the sermon IS worship. Listening to what God has to say is as much an act of worship as singing of his glory. ~ link

Fewer than half of the school buses on Guam are operational. Vehicle maintenance is not one of the government's strengths. ~ PDN

A third of poor people weren't born that way. "They became poor within their lifetimes on account of factors that could have been prevented. It’s ironic that even as governments and donors and others are doing a lot to pull people out of poverty, very little is done to prevent people from falling into poverty so the pool of people in poverty keeps growing even as many people come out." ~ Duke University public policy professor Anirudh Krishna in WSJ interview

The US has "lacked a legitimate government since Congress failed to adjourn properly in 1861." Okie dokie -- and are you selling bridges, too? Sovereign Citizen Movement 101. ~ link

Fly Guam is the name of the island's new airline which will fly to Taipei, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Osaka, Manila, Palau and Seoul. ~ PNC

Witnesses claim that the flipped-out flight attendant had been mistreating passengers. ~ WSJ

Youth Academy program prepares refugee children for the American school experience. ~ KOLD

"Lake Mead at 54-year low, stirring rationing fear" ~ AZ Central

"'World's biggest' tidal turbine unveiled in Scotland" ~ BBC

Poop powered beetle ~ The Sun

✽ According to a new study, plankton levels affect how thunder storms behave -- and "whether clusters of tropical thunderstorms spin up into monster hurricanes, and to steer mature storms across large swaths of the ocean." It has to do with temperature and ocean color. ~ Discovery News

John Ortberg on the Reveal study and the challenge of developing spiritual depth:
...EVERY church faces that problem. Even if a church offers nothing but Bible studies 24/7 in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic taught personally by N.T. Wright, they will still face this problem.

Willow was simply naming the big kahuna challenge we all grapple with.

To be transformed; to have Christ formed in you, is quite different from being church-ier, or more traditional, or better informed. Of course, churches vary enormously in our effectiveness at it. But it’s not about contemporary versus traditional versus emerging...
~ link

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