Saturday, September 4


The Swedes' quirkiest habits ~ The Local

A New York Times survey suggests that Jan Brewer has a 97% chance of getting elected governor of Arizona. I'd suggest that her chances increase if she stays off TV, forgets debating, and makes no more public statements. That appears to be her strategy. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

I don't know what rock I've been under, but while hunting for all-age child-friendly worship resources this morning I discovered -- a lot of great music with theological and liturgical substance that both adults and kids can use together.

James Choung at Mariner's Church. He comes on about 40 minutes into the video. He's so good at telling the story. ~ link

"Five years, 60 editors and translators, 300,000 words, 370,000 translations: It all adds up to the largest single volume English-Chinese, Chinese-English dictionary ever put together, due to be published Sept. 9 by Oxford University Press." ~ WSJ

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xuefen said...

I am interesting on the new English-Chinese, Chinese-English dictionary which is to be published by Oxford University Press. It looks more useful than what I have now. I might consider to get one after it published.