Sunday, September 5


These church banners look like a photoshop job. If they aren't, this church may want to re-arrange its entry way signage -- or they might just want to totally transition away from using acronyms for awhile.. ~ link (via)

Jan Brewer was lampooned in the NY Times for her embarrassing debate performance. I suspect, though, that it will take more than her poor communication skills to turn the Arizona tide against her. Right now the governor is in some kind of protective bubble with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. No stupid thing either of them does or says seems to negatively affect their ratings. It's pretty bizarre. ~ link

Are "secret believers" living in Muslim and Hindu cultures the same as half-hearted believers in the West? Is it possible to truly believe and not follow? How does your awareness of God's grace affect your answer? ~ link

I think they were having a Joan Baez marathon on the local PBS station yesterday. They've been showing the same documentary all day -- or so it seems. Her's is an interesting story.

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