Wednesday, September 22


Today is the Moon Festival in China and Vietnam. This fall harvest festival dates back over 3,000 years to moon worship in China's Shang Dynasty. These days it's a chance to hangout with friends and family -- and to eat the traditional mooncakes. I wonder if MoonPies are an acceptable substitute. ~ link

One of our neighbors shot a kid who was breaking into his house yesterday.  ~ ABC15

We made key lime pie yesterday and I learned something new. A 14 oz can of Nestle's leche condensada azucarada is $1 cheaper than a 14 oz can of Kroeger house brand sweetened condensed milk. Another argument for bilingual education. (BTW, key lime pie tastes great in any language!)

Is $250,000/year enough to live on? ~ link

Ikea is expanding in Asia. I suppose that means everything will be closer to the manufacturers there. ~ The Local

Pew Research: "Unauthorized immigrants are ~4% of US adult pop.; their children make up 8% of the newborn population." ~ link

Saying that the recession is over is a bit like saying that global warming is real while you're in the middle of a 30-below blizzard. It may be statistically true but hard to grasp.

"The sad irony is that everything we do to prop up the last economy (more obedience, more compliance, cheaper yet average) gets in the way of profiting from this one." ~ Seth Godin

Krista West on how ancient business and government attire morphed into ecclesiastical uniforms. ~ link

Steven Johnson's TED talk -- where good ideas come from -- open innovative systems. I've got the book on my desk and now I'll have to read it. ~ link

Dementia cost 'to top 1% of GDP' ~ BBC

  1. Increase research efforts (& funding) to overcome the problem.
  2. "Euthanize" anyone who shows "signs" of dementia.
  3. Increase the GDP, thus lowering percentage which dementia costs.
  4. Reduce the number of low and middle income countries.
  5. Live with it as is.

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