Thursday, September 23


"The Christian activists turn the tables on the stereotype that configures an Ivy League education into a formula for fame and fortune." ~ SF Chronicle regarding New Hope Covenant Church in Oakland, California. Great story. Why is this kind of story seen as so unusual?

 Boy, yousse in a heap of trouble. America's favorite tough guy sheriff has some serious splainin' to do. ~ $64 million misused from jail operations. This isn't a matter of misplacing a few petty cash receipts. This appears to be either big time fraud or at best misfeasance. ~ AZ Central

Haiti gets tuition free online university ~ link

Only seven people have become farm workers through the UFW's offer to put any US citizen to work. Lot's of interest but few sign-up. ~ link

Facebook notifies users of outage via Twitter. (My account seems unaffected.) ~ WSJ

Out of Ur asks: Is age-segmentation in worship the same as racial segregation? ~ link

Barbie is so much more than she used to be -- news anchor, geek, pediatrician, dentist, babysitteer... ~ link

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