Friday, September 24


Now Americans can dress thier children like little Swedes. ~ link

Really good technology wisdom -- "What Kevin Kelly learned about technology when he homeschooled his son" ~ BoingBoing

I think he hits all the relevant points. Phil Cooke on "Why Boycotts Don't Work" ~ link

Tom Wright reads Humpty Dumpty ~ link

Cheryl dreams up the best recipes. Tonight it was a creamy squash soup with both curry and sausage. We topped it with chopped onions and cilantro, sliced avocado... Don't ask for the recipe because she just makes this stuff up with what she has around.

They were having alien problems down in Tucson last night -- probably smugglers and drug cartels. No abduction reports but still, why doesn't Obama do something about that border problem? ~ KOLD
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