Saturday, September 25


✽ Amazing -- haunting

In China they are tearing down buildings as fast as they put them up -- sometimes faster. ~ link

American evangelicals have stepped up to the plate for foster kids. ~ WSJ

India's new chili-pepper weaponry -- “It cannot kill but even the slightest contact with a chili weapon could immobilize crowds and put people in unbearable pain for several hours...” Is the "unbearable pain" part really necessary if you can simply immobilize an assailant?~ link

"In the US, there are 88 unmarried men (over age 18) for every 100 unmarried women." ~ WSJ

Another dentist thru the revolving door. There aren't dentists with their own practices here. All seem to work for someone else -- temporarily.

Nudge by Leonard Sweet looks on target -- but it is not available for e-readers. But chapter 1 is online.

 "Two nationally known forensic pathologists are questioning a sheriff deputy's version of how he was shot in the remote desert south of Phoenix, adding to theories that the incident was a hoax timed to enflame the debate over illegal immigration." ~ AP

When Sheriff Joe Arpaio avoids the TV cameras you know that he must be in really hot water. ~ KTAR

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