Wednesday, September 29


✽ Hopefully voters will pay attention to the confirmed facts. The FBI and the Phoenix PD are reporting that contrary to some fear-mongering politicians, "Phoenix violent crime figures reached 20-year lows: homicides were at a 20-year low with clearance rates reaching 20-year highs; property crimes were at a 25-year low with more than 24,000 fewer victims between 2006-2009; and, motor vehicle thefts reported more than 14,000 fewer victims during the same time period." ~ link

✽ "French fries with mayonnaise" -- Watch the video that explains why Belgium is anything but boring. ~ The World

✽ "Taste is the ability to select, combine and create experiences that the tribe likes--before they know that they like it." ~ Seth Godin

✽ An Introduction To Hmong Culture” ~ Larry Ferlazzo reccomends Ya Po Cha's new book.

✽ Apparently, if you ask an aheist or agnostic to explain what Christians believe you will get a better explaination than if you ask a Christian, according to a new Pew survey. ~ Pew Forum | LA Times

✽ "The bottom line is that all musical arrangements can be found to 'work' for worship in successfully diverse churches, so no specific form is absolutely necessary to accomplish diversity." ~ Gerardo Marti in "What Music Styles Work Best in Racially Diverse Churches?"

✽ Blue pill? A British study suggests that people who participate in online social networking are happier and more satisfied with life than those who do not. ~ NY Times

✽ For the many of you who are teaching English to non-native speakers, check out Jason Renshaw's "Wizard English Grids for Emergent Language Development" ~ link

✽ Make a Pepsi or Doritos commercial for the Superbowl and it could be worth millions to you. ~ link

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