Thursday, September 30


Global air pollution map ~ NASA

Germany will payoff the final outstanding reparations for World War I (yes, ONE!) this Sunday. And you think that your student loan is taking forever to payoff! ~ Washington Post

Which profession drinks the most coffee? ~ ABC15

Nearly 5% of Arizona's households are valued at $1 million or more. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

David Fitch on video venue churches. ~ link

✽ "Only 29% of tweets actually produce a reaction..." Any retweeting that happens generally happens in the first hour after it was posted. ~ link

The whole immigration set-up on both Guam and in the CNMI is pretty screwed up. And people are getting hurt because of it. The same rules should apply to all US territories and states. The US should have a reputation for being consistent. ~ Saipan Tribune

Do graffiti -- do a year in prison. ~ Yuma Sun

The US government has begun releasing money for the military build-up on Guam. ~ link

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