Friday, October 1


Sweden is retiring their 50 öre coin, their last remaining copper coin. ~ The Local

And why is it that they are using a website with a Norweigin domain name (.nu) to get their message across? There are just some things about the old country that I'll probably never understand. ~

Foreclosure sales accounted for 47% of all home sales in Arizona. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

Southwest Airlines is going to start offering a direct Phoenix to Spokane connection. Hmmm... my brother lives in the Spokane area. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

The president of the Philippines may just get himself excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church if he keeps this up. ~ USA Today

"Good enough is good enough. Do the simplest thing that could possibly work." ~ Dave Browning

Celebrating St Francis’s Feast Day through October, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, are offering seven streaming songs of peace. Déjà vu 1969 (with a little Byzantine mixed in). ~ link

I agree. Prop 13 (the sledge hammer on a leaky faucet) was the tipping point that started to sink California -- taking the gold out of golden. I saw it all with my own eyes. I'm still annoyed. ~ link

Real change requires more than social network meet-ups. (Malcom Gladwell should have had Tim Stafford edit his rambling New Yorker piece.) ~ link

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