Wednesday, November 17


I picked up a Thanksgiving poinsettia at the grocery store on Monday. In case the picture is not clear enough, the top leaves are yellow/white with orange and brown coloring. I've not seen anything quite like it before.

> Get past the stereotype of a bunch of old ladies at the women's auxiliary tearing sheets and rolling bandages for the missionaries in Africa. Old school bandages still save lives and college students are learning how to rip and roll, too. You can't help but be proud of both the young and the old. ~ link

> Ed Stetzer says, "S Carolina Baptists passed a resolution opposing the theft of copper & I thought you should know..." I'm sure the Covenant will follow their lead at the annual meeting in June.

> I do most of my writing in Google Docs. They've got a new auto-corrections feature. I suppose that means my writing will be gooder now. ~ link

Help for homeless college students ~ link

Yes! Cocomint Cookies ~ New Times

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