Wednesday, December 29


> Seoul is rolling out electric buses in a big way. ~ link (via)

"The percentage of uninsured among families earning between $50,000 and $75,000 annually has nearly doubled over the past decade." ~ link

"Chinese language to dominate the internet" ~ link

Ray Anderson was one of the most influential, yet relatively unknown theologians of the 20th century. Christian D Kettler has come out with a Ray Anderson reader -- Reading Ray S Anderson Theology as Ministry, Ministry as Theology which is published by Wipf and Stock.

Get a job in social media ~ link

Detailed map of American English dialects ~ link

Why is it that I'm so skeptical about the ability of Sears/Kmart to compete with Netflix in the movie download business? ~ FastCompany

Domains using Hebrew script now an option -- yet another reason to bone up on my biblical languages. ~ link

Good news for anxious Christians ~ CT

Angel Food Ministries in trouble -- misuse of funds ~ USA Today

Saddleback Church engaged in major expansion ~ CP

"Sleepy pastor leaves congregation in the lurch" on Christmas morning and the congregation rose to the occasion. Perhaps we should sleep in more often. ~ The Local

Not everywhere is getting warmer -- "Coldest December in Sweden in 110 years" ~ The Local

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