Sunday, January 30


> It was kind of an off-the-wall move but this morning I played some uke and taught our Covenant orientation class to sing "Is Your Home in the Wide Micronesia?" And I found out that one of the co-teacher's daughters is doing Peace Corps work in Kosrae. He shared some great pictures and it turned into a Micronesia love fest. Fun and unexpected.

"US ranks 10th in democracy 'quality'" -- Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and THEN the United States. Well, this is embarrassing -- but not too surprising. ~ UPI

Jodi Fondell's take on health care in Sweden ~ link (via)

John Wesley College has just become Laurel University. Poor John. It's hard to maintain the brand in this era of neo-reformed activism. ~ link

Phoenix is going to get another major aquarium. Wow, this place is becoming an aquatic mecca. (I'm pretty cheap so I end up going to watch the fish in the free freshwater aquarium at Cabelas.) ~ link

Good word -- good theology: "Now the bad news, and it is very bad. A local church can die from enemy action -- sometimes from without, but I perceive from long experience that it is usually from within..." ~ Everett Wilson

The 10 most expensive commute cities -- and the #1 traffic headache is C... ~ link

In celebration of the mundane -- boring conference ~ link

Dear President Mubarak:
You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
~ link

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