Saturday, January 29


> It's less than a week until Chinese New Year. This year it is on the same day as St Ansgar Day -- February 3rd. If you don't get enough of a party on Ground Hog Day you can get red envelopes together for your family on Thursday. This will be the year of the rabbit in the calendar -- unless you're Vietnamese then it is the year of the cat. February is one holiday after another.

A Phoenix man shot and killed an "intruder" -- his son. ~ link

I did not vote for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and I find troubling much of what she has done. But I tend to think that recalling her less than four months after she was elected is probably not wise. Recall should be saved for politicians who are corrupt or who have committed crimes or malfeasance. Hey, you all elected her by a large margin and you knew ahead of time how she thought and operated. There is nothing surprising about Governor Brewer. ~ link

I'm in Chicago for nine days to be a part of a teaching team in the Covenant orientation program -- which is a requirement for people who hold permanent ministerial credentials in the ECC. (Pretty impressive group of people in the class -- makes it fun!) Then next week is the Covenant ministers' Midwinter Conference. It's a lot colder (27° yesterday) than Phoenix (72° yesterday). But I've been in a whole lot worse here in January. The sun came out today for awhile and that doesn't always happen. I do love this city -- except in the winter when it's cold -- and the summer when it is humid and the people get grumpy.

Speaking of the Covenant, the updated Covenant website is now out of beta and online. ~ link

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