Wednesday, March 9


ASH WEDNESDAY -- the first day in Lent. ~ link

> NOW DEBATING the following resolution: "This house believes Japanese 'incremental innovation' is superior to the West's 'disruptive innovation'." This discussion isn't just about the nature of innovation but also about what should be the preferred culture. ~ The Economist
ELIMINATING DOLLAR BILLS, replacing them with coins, would save US taxpayers $5.5 billion dollars a year. How serious are you about balancing the budget? ~ link

> "WHERE MORE Households Have Guns, the Overall Homicide Rate Goes Up" ~ CHE

THE COST of orange juice is on the rise. ~ link

THIS LITTLE AD, running on Facebook, has been generating a lot of interest. Pray that it might translate into some solid connections with people who are interested in living new lives in a new way!

NOW THAT the southern Sudanese have won their independence will they turn on each other? ~ link

TIMOTHY KELLER is challenging the idea that revivalism is over. This is quite an insightful article which brings what Mark Noll is saying about the shape of global Christianity into the discussion. ~ link (.pdf) (If you have trouble with the link go to the City to City site.)

"LETTERS TO the Church: What Jesus might write to churches today -- by Eugene Peterson, John Ortberg, and William Willimon" -- Actually I think CT published these a few years ago but they just went online and they still speak. How do you think these should be tweaked for 2011? ~ link

I believe that local churches are shaped by theology and practice. We are shaped by what we believe about the gospel, the kingdom and how God reveals Himself and the ways we practice these beliefs together. Yet often we have taught our beliefs and practiced them as the means to differentiate ourselves from those who don’t believe. We learn our theology by who(or what) we are against. And so strangely, we define ourselves over against “the liberals,” or “the gay or lesbian communities” or “those who seek to bring down our culture – the Christian Nation.” We end up separating ourselves from the world making enemies instead of living our lives together for the world in God’s Mission. ~ link

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