Saturday, March 12


> WOMEN HOLD MOST of the seats in the Rwandan parliament. ~ The Economist

CANADA is the heaviest internet-using country. ~ Huff

HEALTH FOOD -- Coffee drinkers have reduced risk of stroke, gallstones, colon cancer, diabetes, liver disease, and Parkinson's. The researchers aren't specifying brand or grind. ~ Boston Globe

"CITY, CITY, CITY, yet over half of all Americans live in suburbia. Why are so many church planting/missional discussions one-sided?" ~ Missionalburbs

"CUBA releases jailed dissident Oscar Elias Biscet" -- hopeful sign. ~ BBC

THE ENTIRE Common English Bible (both Old and New Testaments) will be released in August. One more tool in the box. ~ link

THE MOORING lines for two US Navy subs based on Guam broke as the tsunami waves passed by the island. Another disaster barely averted. ~ PNC

WEDDING BELLS: Shane Claiborne and Katie Jo Brotherton -- May 7TH ~ link

"IS YOUR COMMUNITY tsunami ready?" ~ CraigatFEMA | link

Frankly, Craig, the answer is no. Phoenix is the most ill-prepared for a tsunami as any city I've ever encountered. Perhaps FEMA could send us a grant to set-up an emergency tsunami alert system and post evacuation signs. You just never know...

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