Wednesday, March 16


> HIGH ON COOLNESS -- Flight of the AirJelly -- "Can the jellyfish’s motion through water serve as a propulsion principle for an airborne object?" ~ link

TSUNAMI SURGES (gently) up Ballona Creek in LA (You might want to turn the speakers OFF for this one.)

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HOW IS IT that a scientific debate over the existence of climate change has become so clearly partisan? Doesn't anyone in either party make decisions apart from "group think"? ~ link

"GUAM could become refuge for Japan" -- Yes, more Japanese on the island might fill up empty hotel rooms but the cost to Guam would probably be greater than what is received. This looks like genuine island hospitality to me. They've done this before with other groups of Asian refugees. ~ link

HOPE IN JAPAN -- I'm proud of these guys. ~ link

RICH MOUW agrees with Rob Bell, saying that his perspective on heaven and hell is very similar to that of C.S. Lewis.
I told the USA TODAY reporter that Rob Bell’s newly released Love Wins is a fine book and that I basically agree with his theology. I knew that the book was being widely criticized for having crossed the theological bridge from evangelical orthodoxy into universalism. Not true, I told the reporter. Rob Bell is calling us away from a stingy orthodoxy to a generous orthodoxy. 
Let me say it clearly: I am not a universalist. I believe hell as a condition in the afterlife is real, and that it will be occupied. I think Rob believes that too. But he is a creative communicator who likes to prod, and even tease us a bit theologically. Suppose, he likes to say, we go up to someone and tell them that God loves them and sent Jesus to die for their sins. Accept Jesus right now, we say, because if ten minutes from now you die without accepting this offer God will punish you forever in the fires of hell. What kind of God are we presenting to the person? Suppose we told someone that their human father has a wonderful gift for them, offered out of love for them—and then we add that, by the way, if they reject the gift that same father will torment them as long as they live. What would we think of such a father? Good question, I think. 
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