Monday, April 4


> I'M LOOKING forward to the Green Lantern -- coming in June. ~ link

SPEAKING OF GREEN, Pakistan has the better uniforms but India has the better team. Congratulations to the 2011 Cricket World Cup winner. ~ great photos

NEW approach to angioplasty -- at least in the US ~ KOLD

I SPENT much of the morning laying low, recovering from a severe leg muscle cramp that hit me at 5:30 a.m. One thing I did while I was sitting around trying to catch my breath was to read a great article in CT by Ed Stetzer on "Proselytizing in a Multi-Faith World." His four foundational faith commitments are solid -- even if at times they have to be held in tension with each other. We need to:
  1. Let each religion speak for itself
  2. Talk with and about individuals, not generic "faiths"
  3. Respect the sincerely held beliefs of people of other religions
  4. Grant each person the freedom to make his or her own faith decision
"USE MULTIPLE online cloud storage services for free and organized backup" ~ LifeHacker

MY MESSY SERMON from yesterday is online ~ transcription

MY FRIEND Amanuel Abraha has a new blog highlighting his handyman projects. He is a good worker and is available for hire. I recommend him. ~ link

THE MORMONS have a new Easter video clip. What do you think of it? ~ link

"URBAN MISSIONAL churches need Christian schools" ~ Anthony Bradley (via)
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