Tuesday, April 5


SOUTH KOREAN school teachers will no longer be allowed to use corporal punishment. Ah, yes, the power of YouTube -- and shame. ~ link

THIS DOESN'T SEEM RIGHT! Bristol Palin earned more than $262,000 for her role helping raise awareness for teen pregnancy prevention in 2009. ~ KOLD

THIS EITHER -- Isn't Wisconsin the place where they're making a big deal out of cutting public sector funding?
Just in his mid-20s, Brian Deschane has no college degree, very little management experience and two drunken-driving convictions. 
Yet he has landed an $81,500-per-year job in Gov Scott Walker's administration overseeing environmental and regulatory matters and dozens of employees at the Department of Commerce. Even though Walker says the state is broke and public employees are overpaid, Deschane already has earned a promotion and a 26% pay raise in just two months with the state.
Deschane's father is a big-time Walker campaign supporter. ~ Daniel Bice in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

> NEW BARNA SURVEY: "Voters Most Interested in Issues Concerning Security and Comfort, Least Interested in Moral Issues" That's not at all surprising. ~ link

MY FRIEND WAINER Guimaraes and his family have just completed their first four years as Covenant missionaries in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are planting churches and training professional soccer players and teaching English and... I still don't know how they get so much done. Other than for soccer, Brazil isn't really on the radar for most Americans but it is quickly becoming one of the most influential countries in the world. Woe to us if we miss this opportunity.  ~  link (.pdf)

NEW STUDY says 2 degrees Celsius warming may be unavoidable by 2100 ~ American Geophysical Union

8 OF THE 10 most bike friendly university campuses in the US are west of the Mississippi River. One straddles it. Just observing... ~ Huff

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