Monday, April 18


HAPPY B-DAY to my little brother Gary

> NEW RESEARCH: "Weight loss improves memory" ~ USA Today

A 9-YEAR-OLD boy performed CPR on his 2-year-old sister after a near drowning incident. We've had way too many child vs swimming pool incidents over the past few days. ~ ABC15

"VOTE on the mugshot of the day." Is this really a kind or appropriate thing to do? ~ link

BIBLE COMPARISON chart from CEB ~ link

MY DONKEY KING sermon is online ~ Fresh Fish Food

I AM ONE OF the unanointed kings of tiny media -- and I endorse this post from Seth Godin. ~ link

~ link

THREE CHRISTIAN CLASSICS for free, Kindle editions ~ link

HUNTER LOVINS: "Walmart is entity on the planet doing the most to drive sustainability... Trust me: Walmart isn’t going green out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re doing it for solid business reasons." ~ link

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