Saturday, May 21


VIOLIN WAS my first instrument. But I don't recall being taught any of these moves. Want to see more? ~ link

"How liturgical prayer is saving our community from burnout." ~ CT

FOOD EXPERT Ben Witherington
reports on the scandalous origins of SPAM. My personal thinking is that it most likely originated to fill the vacuum created when certain cultures transitioned out of cannibalism. ~ link

killing Mexico" -- There is some truth to the assertion. ~ link

-- Even if the North Pole is melting, it's still cold up there. Imperial Denmark can have it. "According to a document leaked this week, Denmark plans to claim the North Pole, heating up the battle for the melting Arctic." ~ Global Post

sent me a link to the story about exploding watermelons in China. Farmers in the US sometimes experience the same thing -- even without the chemicals. It has to do with water retention in the surrounding soil. The melon takes on too much water, too quickly. Perhaps the chemicals contributed to that but it happens even without chemicals. It's usually chalked up to a combination of too much rain at the wrong time and poor farming practices.

already had a couple of good melons this season. I'm getting hungry just thinking about watermelon.

to open a Lake Havasu campus by fall, 2012 ~ link
THE SAN DIEGO COUNTY Office of Education's "Unlimited Access" program, a collaborative effort with businesses and nonprofits, "gives families a 'broadband device and a refurbished, three-year-old desktop valued at $950' for a super affordable $20 fee. The desktops come with software, including educational programs, already installed." Excellent! ~ link
"IT MAY BE possible to vaccinate people against addictive drugs" -- Yeah, but there is an easier way. ~ The Economist
MY GOOD FRIEND Amanuel Abraha is an enterprising immigrant and church planter. He does handyman projects in the Phoenix area -- especially pavers... welding... painting. And he has a website. If you need a hand with a project he is very conscientious, detail oriented, and skilled. He helped me with my pavers.
"AT THE ripe old age of five years, America’s housing bust is still very much alive and kicking. House prices dropped 3.3% in the year to February..." But there are indicators that things are actually getting better. ~ The Economist
GOOD NEWS STORY -- Guam-based and bound Navy supply ship rescues five islanders whose boat was in distress. ~ Stars and Stripes

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