Wednesday, May 25


BIONIC HAND demonstration --
THE US TREASURY could make as much as $7.1 billion by selling off $5.8 billion worth of AIG shares. I was never very good with math so I don't quite understand how that could be -- but, hey, the taxpayers are turning a profit for their part in the bail-out. Good for us. ~ BBC

NORTH KOREAN leader Kim Jong-il is in Beijing looking for some political muscle -- perhaps some food? Why else would he take his train instead of flying? ~ BBC

HEY COLLEGE GRADS -- companies are hiring -- especially if you have analytical or computer skills. Even some artists are getting jobs. ~ WSJ

THE DEGREES most likely to make you wealthy -- and those least likely to pay off. Well, not everyone goes to college to prepare for a life of making money. ~ Time

THREE MORE employees of the Maricopa County Sheriff's office have been arrested. When we get the new sheriff he or she will need to be someone with no history in the department. ~ link

JIM HAWKINSON graduated yesterday morning. He was one of the best story-tellers in the Covenant -- probably because he lived the stories. Jim was also a true Barnabas -- always an encourager -- definitely one of my favorite people in the Covenant Ministerium. ~ link

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