Friday, May 27


THE REAL PURPOSE of the internet -- to show cat videos:

"FIVE WAYS to be a good gentrifier" ~ link

HERE IS A CULTURAL SHIFT worth noting. Laveen has a new American Legion Post (#134). It is their goal to become the first post in Arizona "where a member could enjoy activities in a smoke free and alcohol free environment. We are creating a Post where you can bring your entire family, where you can celebrate your service while you continue to serve your community..." This, I believe, reflects a shift in US military culture that began to take shape 15 or 20 years ago. There has been a move toward more family support and aggressively discouraging drug and alcohol abuse. I'm sure that anyone looking for a party can still find one but they're all working hard to make sure that the party mentality isn't what characterized military service. Kudos to the American Legion Post 134 -- Laveen.

FREE EXPRESSION is not one of Singapore's strengths. ~ BBC

NEW REFORMATION festering in German Catholic Church. Might they possibly find what they're looking for in the rubble of the last Reformation? ~ USA Today

NEW REPORT SAYS Guam "...drinking water 'safest in decades.'" And it probably is. But Guam has issues with both infrastructure and communication. The reason people don't trust the water is that if there is a failure at some point (and being that it is Guam, there will be a system failure at some point) the word wouldn't get to them in a timely manner. That's the real issue. ~ link

LEARN FROM GUAM -- Require all new construction in tornado and hurricane prone areas to be fully concrete with tight rebar -- including roofs.

NEW BIRTHER CONTROVERSY -- Some are questioning whether Chester Arthur, 21st president of the US, a big-government Republican, was a real citizen of the US. The rest of us are all wondering if we really had a president named Chester Arthur. ~ link

A CHURCH in Spokane has put together a new version of James Choung's big story presentation. ~ link

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