Wednesday, June 1


HOW TO TAKE DOWN the spammers by following the money to the bank ~ link

IT NOW LOOKS OFFICIAL. We're in a double-dip situation. This means it is a great time to buy a house. ~ link

SIGHTINGS -- Life is so full of contradiction.
...To the current point, the headline of the Humanist article summarizes the plot: “Why I Am an Amoral, Family-Hating Monster. . . and Newt Gingrich Isn’t.” Author PZ Myers begins with reference to his 31 years of marriage “without ever straying,” while still being seen as a monster for his humanist commitments. Newt Gingrich, Myers notes, has been married three times, divorced one wife while she was recovering from surgery, and had extramarital affairs. He asks who is considered the defender of traditional sexual morality even as he represents a “political party with more ex-wives than candidates and defends a disturbingly amoral network of fundamentalist operators” while remaining regarded as the protector of the sanctity of the family...” ~ Martin Marty
STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN'S new album, re:creation, due out in August, will include some of his classics but with a sound "going in a more organic, acoustic direction (hint: listen for some banjo and ukulele)." Did they say Steven Curtis Chapman and uke? ~ link (via Brent Peak)

AUSTRALIA'S ECONOMY has taken a dive ~ BBC

AMERICAN PYSICIANS WARMING to national health insurance plan -- more doctors move from business owner to shift worker, their historic alliance with the Republican Party is weakening... 
That change could have a profound effect on the nation’s health care debate. Indeed, after opposing almost every major health overhaul proposal for nearly a century, the American Medical Association supported President Obama’s legislation last year because the new law would provide health insurance to the vast majority of the nation’s uninsured, improve competition and choice in insurance, and promote prevention and wellness, the group said. 
Because so many doctors are no longer in business for themselves, many of the issues that were once priorities for doctors’ groups, like insurance reimbursement, have been displaced by public health and safety concerns, including mandatory seat belt use and chemicals in baby products. ~ NY Times
WHAT DO YOU THINK? "The Puritans knew from experience that accepting government support could undermine their vision of a disciplined and energetic church whose every member took joint responsibility for their great mission in the wilderness." And what about the clergy housing allowance? ~ Dan Hotchkiss

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