Thursday, June 2


FRIEND STEWART WEBSTER posted this short Sweden promo on his Facebook wall.

IKEA IS DOING an all-you-can-eat Swedish buffet in the tradition of Midsummer, on Friday, June 17th. And they're actually selling tickets! ($2.49 for kids under 12; $9.99 for adults) ~ link

SHANE CLAIBORNE distances himself from the whole emerging church thingy -- whatever it is. ~ link

FINALLY, A TRULY thought-provoking graduation speech -- Jonathan Franzen: "Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts." ~ NY Times

THE CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL is for sale -- future trend as Boomers retire? ~ link

I'M REALLY LIKING the new Bible Gateway released yesterday -- faster, parallel reading, Greek, Hebrew... and the NET Bible are still the gold standards for free online study resources but the Bible Gateway just added some very gold-like shine. YouVersion is still the best Bible reading tool and the fact that is available across so many platforms that all sync together is a real gift. Bobby Gruenewald, the YouVersion developer, was recently recognized for his achievement.

IN CASE you decide to read the Bible in archaic English -- "Speak King James English in one easy lesson!" ~ link

THE 2011 ATLANTIC HURRICANE SEASON began yesterday. Here is the official forecast.

HERE'S THAT 150 BARRIER again. Dunbar's theory is that 150 people is the relational saturation point. This is one reason why I think that churches should aim to multiply themselves before they hit the 150 mark. ~ link

45% OF PHOENIX home buyers are paying cash ~ link


THE EURO IN CRISIS -- "... Europe has two choices: tighter integration, or partial dissolution." ~ The Atlantic

SIZE DOESN'T MATTER -- BTW, I have only one student in my online spiritual formation class this summer. (The other was a "no show.") And I don't mind -- really. ~ link

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