Monday, June 13


SUCH A VERSATILE INSTRUMENT -- so many different styles

"DEADLY JOPLIN TORNADO stirred up rare fungal infections" -- bizarre as the tornado itself. The things we don't know or understand. ~ link

HOW THE WEB'S rapid expansion will transform the Global South ~ link

"MUSIC IS LIKE SAUSAGE. You love the final product but sometimes you don't want to see how it's made." ~ Huff

I say this not just because Jesus People USA was in the middle of it or because I'm directly involved, but because it's just plain old fashioned true: If you do the math, and if you think about an entire association of churches like Calvary Chapel, the Vineyard, and on and on, so many things happened in those few years, from the late '60s to the early '70s, that when historians look back at the last century, the Jesus Movement may end up being considered a more significant move of God in terms of people coming to Christ under biblical faith, as well as renewal among the poor. I think you'll find it was more significant in the long run than Asuza Street or the Wall Street revivals. The Jesus Movement was the third Great Awakening, in a lot of ways. ~ CT

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